Our Farm

Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory Limited (TCCF) is a Certified Producer of Single Origin 100% Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee located in Constitution Hill, St Andrew.

TTCF is a member of the Jamaica Coffee Exporters Association (JCEA) processing premium grade coffee for export to USA, Canada
Europe, Korea, China and more recently Japan, in addition premium grades Arabica beans are diligently roasted and packed under the brand Riddim Blue.

Trumpet Tree Coffee is therefore involved in every step of production from the Farm to the Cup, using a process which evolves from sustainable farming practices. The coffee is Artisan hand- picked and processed in small batches ensuring traceability, remarkably consistent high quality product, with delicate mildness and complexity of flavours.

The TTCF Farms & Buying Areas

Flamsted & Good Hope Farms:

Trumpet Tree owns and operates two
farms in the two well-respected coffee growing regions of the Jamaica Blue
Mountain of high elevation. Both farms are in the same region which is some 4 miles above Mavis Bank District.

Farm Size

63 Acres

Average Annual Production

4,000 Boxes

Elevation above sea level

3500 ft.

Harvesting Period

Oct – March

Permanent Employees


Constitution Hill Farms:

Trumpet Tree owns and operates three small coffee farms in Constitution Hill totalling 20 acres of mature coffee trees.

Farm Size

20 Acres

Average Annual Production

1,700 Boxes

Elevation above sea level

2,700 ft.

Harvesting Period

Aug – Jan

Permanent Employees


The Main Buying Areas

TRUMPET TREE set up collecting depots in the following areas of high elevation for the purchasing of cherry coffee from farmers at competitive prices
◦ West Phalia
◦ Penlyne Castle
◦ Resource Areas
◦ Clydesdale
◦ Cinchona

Pulping and Washing Works

Coffee whether from farms or collections from farmers are brought to the pulping facility in Constitution Hill. Pulping is done using small mechanized pulpers then passes through a stand-alone mucilage remover to wash the beans. Coffee pulp is stored for compost and used on the farms while the coffee beans are transported to the Drying and Finishing works.

Processing & Finishing Works

Trumpet Tree Coffee Factory is ergonomically designed and fitted with tested and proven equipment that assures good quality and consistency. The factory occupies 2,500 sq. ft. of space with a production capacity of 100,000 boxes or one million pounds of green beans. Coffee after drying is stored in a temperature controlled room where the relative humidity is carefully monitored as the coffee must rest for a period not less than eight (8) weeks. Coffee will remain in the resting stage until an order for sale is received. Base on capacity an order for 5 tons could be ready for delivery in 2-3 weeks.

Riddim Blue is Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee of the highest quality

passionately grown, processed roasted and packaged to achieve the highest customer satisfaction